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The Benefits of Chain Ownership

  • Chain Ownership offers the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a larger business network.

  • You don't necessarily need business experience to run a chain, we will show you.

  • Chain ownership has a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.

  • Lower failure rate. When you buy into a chain, you are buying a more established concept that has been successful.

  • Business assistance. Chain ownership owners receive valuable assistance throughout the life of their business.


Price is $35,000.00- $45,000.00 (varies by area and market suite prices). For example; New York, California, and Florida have higher market prices. Your initial cost is the starting price to begin and may require up to $10,000 additional within 60 days. Let's Discuss.

(Chain Fees are monthly and cover suite lease, standard product, marketing, payment processor use, and chain guidance)


We will look for a location for your 24k Body Sculpting by [your name] together to ensure the location and space meets our brand, but we encourage you to find a few places that appeal to you first. Your initial cost and monthly fees will include the lease or cost of your space. Understand larger metropolitan areas may have higher cost but we can discuss those fees and your idea of what is convenient for you. We want to ensure your success and growth of the brand. We are a team.


All Chain Owners will be enrolled in an in person training class for all services current locations offer including Hyaluron or we may coordinate a training personally with you if a training class is not offered in your area. Additionally, we will work with you through numerous channels in person and virtually no matter where you're located to train you before you open the doors to your new location. You will have complete control over when you open and training needed.


24k Body Sculpting has a Social Media Marketer who will market the 24k Brand which includes your location to bring in clientele and announce your opening, events, and chain or personal promotions. You will have the flexibility to create and submit your own photos, ads, videos, and other content for posting by the SMM. You'll also be added to our website and suite directories if available. Understand we'll be a team.

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